Theme Pavilion Shines with Empire State Building

On June 8, at 9 p.m. (local time), the Yeosu Expo presented the Big-O show and projected the three colors that represent the ocean along with phrases that celebrate World Oceans Day …


The grand opening ceremony of EXPO-2012

The opening ceremony of EXPO-2012 Yeosu Korea was held on May 11, 2012. The Big-O amphitheater symbolizing the infinite vastness of the ocean served as the venue for the triumphant celebrations.


Infiltration in to Antarctic Lake Vostok, for science is equivalent to landing on Mars

Penetration into the sub glacial Lake Vostok in Antarctica, that is expected in February this year, will be scientific event, on a scale comparable with the landing on Mars. It was declared …


10 reasons to visit Korea in 2012

1. EXPO 2012 The exhibition in the South Korean port city of Yeosu will become a priority for many tourists this year. In the framework of EXPO-2012 will be held dozens landmark to attract world …


How to survive at the bottom of the ocean. Architects projects

To avoid the climatic and social cataclysms, people have to learn water space. Last year, the Earth's population has already reached seven billion people and continues to grow rapidly. According to UN estimates, …


The next Ice Age delayed for thousands of years

“This may look as good news, but it probably is not’, says Jim Chenell, Professor Emeritus of Geology at the University of Florida, adding that “the ice cap in the Western Antarctic …


Nuclear icebreakers cut the distance

Stockholm. While Norwegian liquid gas (LG) delivery to Japan currently takes two months, this timing will be halved soon. To this end, the shipping company Knutsen OAS Shipping …


Concerns over the Arctic and the future of the forest

Russia’s ecologists have summarized the results of the year just passed, promising to unite their efforts to protect the Arctic from oil producers. The Public Council with the Ministry of Nature that gathered for its …


New drilling rules in the Arctic will obligate companies to disclose information

The new oil and gas drilling rules in the Canadian sector of the Arctic shelf adopted by the country’s National Energy Board last Thursday obligate companies to publicize their data on environmental safety and emergency …


The Arctic ice will melt before scientists realize what is happening to it

The Arctic is a mosaic of seas, shelves and continents’ northern ends, a place that most of us will never see. And, whenever most of us hear about the Arctic, we only imagine …