Innovation and Technology

The Russian pavilion will surprise its visitors with its huge proportions and innovative technologies which are harmoniously integrated in the surroundings. Interactivity, the exhibition’s main principal, is an indispensible part of visitors’ journey through the pavilion.

Innovation and Technology


The essential technology, which is a must-have for any present-day event, allows guests to communicate and share impressions from any part of the Russian pavilion.


QR-codes used for the pavilion’s entrance contain links on the exhibits’ descriptions and many other interesting things awaiting guests inside. These codes More... make up a part of all non-interactive exhibition facilities, the information being presented in many languages, apart from Korean and English.

Innovation and Technology

Mobile Applications

Entering the pavilion, visitors will have a chance to download the official mobile applications of the Russian exhibition, which provide logically structured More... information on the exhibition, allowing guests to share links in social networks. Moreover, as soon as one has passed the movie theatre, triangulation in WiFi hot spots allows the mobile application to determine one’s location and give recommendations on the surrounding exhibits worth seeing.

Chillers and Artificial Ice

Special chillers maintaining the temperature at 10 degrees Celsius and open-ice areas will welcome visitors and help them to experience the real Arctic coldness.

Innovation and Technology

Light Metal Structures and Vibration Shakers

The Russian pavilion offers visitors an unforgettable voyage across the Arctic Ocean onboard of the real ice breaker – a miniature model of a huge ship. The 3D Full HD images projected on More... the interior and original vibration shakers allow visitors to experience the true spirit of path breakers.

Circle-Vision 360° and Dolby Surround

The incredible Arctic landscapes and other charms of the Arctic will greet the Russian pavilion visitors on the original circle-vision screens with a 360° view and high-quality Dolby Surround.

Innovation and Technology

Touch and AR Technology

The “Utilization and Conservation” zone of the Russian pavilion features awesome interactive exhibits, including a multi-touch interactive panel, as well as AR (augmented reality) objects. (AR – augmented reality). The installed web cameras allow More... guests to enjoy a full 3D visualization of Russia’s map and the Earth’s globe, offering interactive features.

Real-time Modeling

A specially designed plasma display with an original ROSGIDROMET technology allows to visualize extreme climate conditions according to specified parameters and follow the process all the way, interacting at all the stages of hydrometeorological changes.