Russian Exposition Thematic Concept

Russian Exposition Thematic Concept
Russian Exposition Thematic Concept

The Living Ocean and Coast. Diversity of Resources and Sustainable Activities

Ocean…its mysteries have been fascinating human minds since time immemorial. It’s the subject of various legends, myths, fairy-tales. It’s the place where life appeared and every living being on our planet. Its depths treasure the history of our origin, its waves are a source of our existence, while its power and riches our future.

The infinity of space is more familiar to us, than the deep of the Ocean, and every time we immerse into it, we come back not only with new knowledge, but with new enigmas as well. They say, a drop of the Ocean water contains everything the Ocean has. Feel the Ocean, embrace it…now it’s possible. Today, we, the children of the Ocean, will dive into a world full of mysterious, metamorphoses and amazing discoveries.

Russian Exposition Idea

A group of orientalists from the leading research centers and universities of Russia have come up with a concept that should fully meet the expectations, outlook and culture of the Korean. According to the Institute of Oriental Studies, Russia has the following associations in the minds of the Korean: a country with well-developed scientific industry, rich history and culture and a high-tech state.

Russian Exposition Thematic Concept

The concept of a “way” has for the Korean – as well as for the most Asian people – a most important, to a certain degree, philosophical and ethnical meaning. It’s the sound system of moral and cultural norms that establish the development of a man and society in general. The motif of a “way” has been taken as a basis for the Russian exposition that was figuratively divided into four principal areas: the history of the ocean exploration; utilization of the ocean today; harmonious coexistence of man and the ocean.

The sequence of the sections reflects the progress in the relationship of man and the Ocean: from discovering to studying and exploration, from utilization to conservation and development.

Russian Exposition Thematic Concept

Thematic Concept

Russian Exposition Thematic Concept
Lev Zenkevich
Oceanologist, zoologist, hydrobiologist

He introduced the principles and methods of the ocean life quantitative accounting

Russian Exposition Thematic Concept
Anatoly Sagalevich
Scientist, ocean explorer, professor

He was engaged in the ocean exploration from manned submersibles.
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  • Ocean Resources Development and Coast Sustainability.
  • Space monitoring of ecological conditions, forecasts and response to dangerous natural phenomena and emergencies.
  • Sustainable coastline activities.
  • Alternative energy (wave energy, tidal energy, undersea geothermal heat, bio energy, etc.).
  • Exploration of the continental shelf and the International sea bottom region.
  • Restoration of ecosystem and marine bio resources technology.
  • Eco safety.
  • Collaboration of Russia and Korea.



  • Harmonious Coexistence of Man and the Ocean.
  • Russia’s participating in various ocean-related international agreements.
  • Developing a system of nature reserves with protected water area.
  • Art (literature, painting, music, etc) and culture of the coastal nations (cuisine, fish-tackle, etc.).
  • Sea sports and leisure activities, local tourism development.
Russian Exposition Thematic Concept

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