Expo 2012 Theme

The main theme of the Yeosu Expo is “The Living Ocean and Coast. Diversity of Recourses and Sustainable Activities”.

Expo 2012 Theme

Active maritime and coast development has brought many benefits to humanity, including food, energy resources, but at the same time made it face a problem of the ocean and coast degradation and depletion.

It is equally important for advanced and developing countries, both maritime and continental, to preserve the ocean and coast for the future generations to be able to live in a generous friendly environment. Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea will become a space for sharing knowledge and educating people in order to make them better understand the importance of the ocean and coast and necessity to preserve them.

To complement the Yeosu Expo general concept, supportive themes “Diversity of Resources” and “Sustainable Activities” were added to the main theme.

The theme “Sustainable Activities” is the basis of the Expo’s main concept “The Living Ocean and Coast” and influences all the sub-themes. For the first time, this idea appeared in The Limits to Growth, a book commissioned by the Club of Rome in 1972. This revolutionary publication focused on its authors’ concerns regarding the negative influence of development on the environment. Today, this book is a frequent reference in various environmental reports, including the IUCN, the UN Environment Programme and WWF. It was also mentioned at the World Summit on Sustainable Development held in Johannesburg in 2002. Achieving sustainable development, which means striking a healthy balance between development and the environment, is today a vital objective for all the countries around the globe.

“Diversity of Resources” is one more theme of Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea. For the first time, the idea of “diversity” was expressed at the Convention on Biological Diversity that was held in 1992 in Brazil. Today, the term is widely used by the international community.

In the 21th century, sustainable development and preservation of biological diversity has become a priority. “The Living Ocean and Coast” will exist only if the codex of “Sustainable activities and Resources” is followed by humanity. Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea will present a new paradigm: ocean and coast managing the co-existence of mankind and ecology.

The Yeosu Expo will also commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Johannesburg Summit 2002.

Furthermore, in 2012 expires the Kyoto protocol, leaving us at the crossways to determine the co-existence of mankind and ecology. Thus, “The Living Ocean and Coast” is considered to be the most appropriate theme necessary for post-Kyoto period; it is expected to become a universal guideline for the international community, so that nature and humanity, advanced and developing countries, as well as present and future generations could enjoy sustainable development achieved by means of harmonious exploration and preservation of the environment.

The main theme of Yeosu Expo conceptualizes the balance between development and preservation of the environment, as well as mutual prosperity of today’s and future generations that can be achieved by solving successfully the ocean and coast problems.

Symbolically, Expo 2012 will be held in Yeosu, where the land meets the ocean. Its main objective is to provide a venue for joining efforts on solving the ocean and coast problems, discussing and implementing the desired future, using creativity, diversity, solidarity and cooperation.

That is why the main theme has been divided into three sub-themes: Coastal Development and Preservation, New Resources Technology, and Creative Maritime Activities.

Expo 2012 Theme

Coastal Development and Preservation

Maritime activities are mostly concentrated on the coast – a place where life originated and a real ecosystem treasury. Meanwhile, unconscious of its meaning, people have been exploring the coast for centuries to discover that these activities resulted in great environmental pollution, depletion of recourses, natural disasters threatening humankind survival.

The international community acknowledged the gravity of the problem and started making some not unsuccessful attempts to solve it. The sub-theme is aimed at enhancing the understanding of the value of the ocean and coast, as well as providing an impact assessment of different preservation ways.

The sub-theme deals with the following questions: typical examples of balancing coast development and preservation in coastal cities; the pristine ecosystem of the coastline covered by tide waters and intensive efforts of humankind to preserve it; equipment and technology used for reducing the ocean pollution, as well as diversity of technologies and data necessary for safe and eco-friendly maritime transport. This will help people to understand the real importance of the ocean and coast, share and improve their knowledge on sustainable development.

Key message: Sustainable activities to balance development and preservation.


  • Ocean and Coast Ecosystems
  • Ocean and Natural Disasters
  • Coastal Terrain Preservation
  • Eco-friendly Coast Development
  • Efforts on Reducing Marine Pollution
  • Maritime Forecasting System
  • Maritime Transport, Shipbuilding and Port Technologies
  • Sea-level Rise Research Methods

New Resources Technology

Nowadays, land recourses are being rapidly depleted. As a result, the countries all over the world have started searching for new ways of the ocean and coast development to substitute them.

The truth is that the ocean and coast resources are also limited. The sub-theme shows some preferable ways of the ocean and coast sustainable development. It also demonstrates the associated technologies together with the already discussed methods.

The sub-theme offers a description of new technologies for energy generation, development and use of maritime mineral resources, deep-sea research, sustainable fish farming and mariculture. Thus, the exhibition is sure to be interesting.

Expo 2012 Theme

Moreover, this sub-theme will help to enhance our understanding of the ocean and coast that would ensure bright future for coming generations.

Key message: Developing innovative technologies to ensure harmonious co-existence of nature and mankind.


  • Maritime Energy Technology
  • Sustainable Fish Farming and Mariculture Technology
  • Maritime Biotechnology
  • Maritime Mineral Resources and Deep-sea Research Technology
  • Maritime Ecosystem Restoration Technology
  • Maritime Bioresources Utilization Technology
  • Sea Water Utilization Technology

Creative Maritime Activities

All living beings on our planet are connected with each other by the ocean. It means, that the ocean connects them, while people have built knowledge base and culture upon these connections. Having to adapt themselves to the environment, people who lived in the coastal zones have created original cultures and activities. Moreover, this cooperation between nature and man has given birth to tangible and intangible assets, such as culture, art, science, which influence both directly and directly “The Living Ocean and Coast”, the Expo’s theme.

Expo 2012 Theme

The sub-theme deals with various aspect of human life, including science, literature, art, folk art and religion that appeared as a result of harmonious relations between man and the ocean. It also covers the achievements of the cultural and intellectual exchange between people.

This sub-theme will help us to enhance our knowledge on the ocean and coast to be more careful about nature. And people will get a stimulus to be better and more practical to implement the idea of “The Living Ocean and Coast”.

Key message: Exploring intellectual and spiritual exchange between the ocean and man, as well as between people, and the ways of improving relations between the ocean and humankind in the future.


  • Ocean and Coast Histories
  • Ocean-related Art
  • Sea- and Eco-tourism
  • Traditional Coastal Cultures
  • Port and Man Exchange History
  • Cooperation between People through the Ocean
  • Scientific Research and Marine Exploration