Expo 2012 Emblem and Mascots

Expo 2012 Emblem and Mascots


The official mascots of Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea, are personifications of plankton, a primary food source for marine life and a key absorber of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The dark blue color of Yeony symbolizes the deep ocean water and its limitless natural resources, while the bright red color of Suny represents the living organisms of the oceans and land; the tentacles signify diverse, reciprocal connections for communication with all the visitors to this global event.

Whilst each of their names is derived from “Yeosu”, where Yeo means “beautiful” and Su means “water”, the names Yeony and Suny convey the intention of promoting the host city to the rest of the world.

Expo 2012 Emblem and Mascots


The emblem of Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea conveys the essence of the Expo’s identity. A simplified abstraction of the organic forms of ecology, oceans and environment are represented in the logo to symbolize “The Living Ocean and Coast”, the Expo theme. Red stands for ecology, blue for the oceans and green for the environment. The entire frame expresses the harmony between Mother Earth, Humans, and the Sea.