Singapore: Paradox-ity

Once a backwater fishing village, Singapore is now a vibrant and modern metropolis as well as major international port and trading hub. Despite having few natural resources and being a dense urban city, greenery is a ubiquitous sight in Singapore’s streets. Faced with scarce land and water supply, Singapore manages its waste and water resources efficiently.

Singapore: Paradox ity

Sharing the Expo’s vision of a world that balances development and preservation (as well as nature and mankind) in the protection of the earth’s oceans and coasts, the Singapore pavilion for Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea is themed “Paradox-ity: City of Contrast”, inspired by the inherent contradictions posing as challenges in Singapore’s pursuit of more sustainable urbanization.

The 712-square-metre pavilion will convey how Singapore has achieved sustainable development while minimising its impact on resources and environmental quality. Successfully turning its adversities into advantages by creatively rising to its challenges, Singapore is a model of how development today need not come at the expense of the quality of our living environment for current and future generations.

Singapore: Paradox ity

The façade of Singapore Pavilion invites visitors to embark on a journey to Paradox-ity through a surreal space, where they will be greeted by dazzling lights and a short audio show of Singapore’s maritime story. In Paradox-ity, learn about water and waste management, urban planning, and greening a dense concrete city — all essential blocks to building a clean and green city.

As you visit the interactive galleries, immerse yourself in a world created by novel sights, sounds and scents — in between captivating audio-visual displays.

Gallery 1: City of Contrast: “Set your sights on the City of Contrast.”. An exclusive 3D light and sound show will paint aseries of breathtaking and contrasting landscapes of Singapore and its diversity of cultures and lifestyles in an urbanised city amidst a garden environment.

Gallery 2: Beautiful Re-collection. “While trash and waste are an inevitable part of an urban city, our perceptions, insights and imagination can turn waste into a useful and even beautiful resource.” Rethink your perspective on trash here, as we reveal the secrets of our offshore landfill. Get to see common trash in Singapore being transformed into a unique and kaleidoscopic art wall.

Singapore: Paradox ity

Gallery 3: Small City, Big Dreams. “Step into our City in a Garden, and be pervasively enveloped by the rich biodiversity of Singapore’s natural heritage." Back on shore, find out about Singapore’s diverse and colourful heritage and how the island-city state creatively transform its limited resources into an integrated network of green gardens and blue water.

Singapore: Paradox ity

Gallery 4: Single Drop, Myriad Effects. “It is when we work together that we will bring about significant change and improvement.” Experience a simulated tropical rainstorm in this gallery. Then, “harvest” your own rainwater using specially treated Korean Hanji paper. Make yours count by hanging it on a wishing wall to pledge your commitment in doing your bit for the environment.

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